The Revelation: A Historicist View (Updated 2018 color edition)

The Revelation: A Historicist View (Updated 2018 color edition)

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Updated full color edition of The Revelation: A Historicist View in which I provide the date of fulfillment for every prophesied event in the Revelation up through chapter 19 (the 90 percent of the Revelation that has been fulfilled over the last 1900 years since it was received by John.  Contains 20 full color images, many of them original paintings. Contains many updates including my predictions for 2018. 115 pages, 8 x 10 inches, Perfect-bound softcover.

Excerpt from Part 1 : 7 stars / Key to Revelation 

The First Vision: A Map of the World (Revelation 1:9-20)

 After hearing a loud voice, John turns and sees seven golden lampstands and Jesus standing in the middle of them.  He is in His "transfigured" body, first seen in the Gospels (see Matthew 17). John’s description of the feet of Jesus reflects the fact that John had first-hand knowledge about refining brass.  Sitting in the right hand of Jesus are seven stars, and in His mouth was a sharp two-edged sword.

John apparently faints from fear, and Jesus lets go of the stars and lays His right hand on John and comforts him, and then adds “I am the First and the Last … who lives, and was dead, and behold, I am alive forevermore.  And I have the keys of Hades and of Death.”  As in verse 11, Jesus again says He is the First and the Last, but this time he adds that He has the keys to Hades and death (or hell and death).  Most preachers nowadays only talk about God’s love, but half of the Bible is about the wrath of God.  In other words, God’s love is a tough love.

In verse 19 we are told that the vision is of “things which are” and “things that will take place after this.”  The seven stars are clearly “the things which are,” and that leaves the seven golden lampstands as "the things that will take place after this.”

The seven stars and seven golden lampstands are interpreted by Jesus in verse 20.  The seven stars are the seven Asian churches of verse 11.  As for the identity of the golden lampstands, Jesus, in the original Greek, makes it clear that the lampstands are NOT the seven churches in Asia because He does not put a "the" in front of Churches in the second key to the mystery.  Besides, it almost goes without saying that the seven Asian churches cannot be in two places at the same time.  To see what happens to translators who add to the Revelation, see Rev 22:18.

It should be noted that the seven Asian churches are on the right hand of Jesus, meaning Jesus is facing north, the orientation of all world maps (or any map), and that they are called stars and messengers.  We are to navigate the Revelation with them, just as a sailor navigates the dark scary sea by observing the seven brightest stars.

A little investigation into the vision reveals that the coordinates of the seven Asian churches serve as seven star-like messengers that form 21 vectors that point to all of the good things that have occurred since the Revelation was written.  Seven of the vectors point to the seven golden lampstands of the Church—the seven Patriarchates of the Church established by the early Church with the help of the Christian Emperors that resulted from the second coming of Jesus (in AD 312).  They were established to bring light to the seven parts of the Earth.  They are the Churches of Rome, Jerusalem, Antioch, Alexandria, Constantinople, Turnovo and Pec.  To see which stars point to them, see the cover of this book.  When connected on a world map or globe, they resemble a sharp two-edged sword (or dagger) used by soldiers in the first century. 

It should also be noted that, even when they are a hundred miles apart, the vectors point to both the lamp and stand, i.e., to the throne of the Patriarch of the Church and to the throne of the king or governor whose main purpose, according to the Revelation, is to protect the Church from harm and to conquer on behalf of the Church.  (And current kings, presidents, prime ministers, etc. should take note of that).

The sword in the mouth of Jesus primarily represents the word of God (see Hebrews 4:12).  But like most things in the Revelation, it has a second meaning.  That is, Jesus, and/or His mouth, helps mark the center point of the sharp two-edged sword formed by the seven golden lampstands.  In mathematical terms, where He is standing is one of the two foci that mark the center of the sharp two-edged sword.  The other foci is the seven stars, presumably the center of them.  The point halfway between the two foci is the center of the vision.  

The spot where Jesus is standing also marks the spot where John sealed up the seven thunders (in chapter 10).  They are no doubt meant to be found by someone in our day—either by someone equipped with a GPS connected to a powerful computer that is able to provide the exact spot, or else by someone taking a far easier route, taking the Church's word for it.  According to the Greek Orthodox Church, Jesus was standing just outside a cave known today as the Cave of the Apocalypse, where John is said to have lived and where he wrote the Revelation.  A rough, low-tech calculation made with a ruler and a World Atlas reveals that the Greek Church may be quite right.  The catch is, the cave is the second holiest site in Greece and is guarded 24/7 by monks who are not inclined to let just anyone come in and start poking around.

The scale of the vision appears to be 1 cubit (half the length of a man's arm or about half a meter) = 250 furlongs (about 50 kilometers) or a ratio of 1:100,000.

Here are the the coordinates of the seven stars so the inquisitive reader can plug them into his or her computer and see for themselves what their vectors point to (from

Ephesus: 37.941111 N, 27.341944 E

Smyrna:  38.418611 N, 27.139167 E

Pergamos: 39.1325 N, 27.184167 E

Thyatira: 38.920833 N, 27.841667 E

Sardis: 38.488333 N, 28.040278 E

Philadelphia: 38.35 N, 28.516667 E

Laodicea: 37.835833 N, 29.1075 E

(I am in the process of creating an appendix that lists the many cities and battlefields, etc. that are pointed to by the starguide, but it won’t be ready by the time this goes to press; so I plan to post it on my website,, when ready).

To summarize the first vision, the star-like coordinates of the seven churches in Asia Minor form 21 vectors which can be extended into great circles that go around the Earth, and they accurately guide the reader to every good thing foretold in the Revelation.  There is also a “bad” vector, introduced later, that guides the reader to the demon-possessed kings of the East who start the  Battle of Ar Mageddon. That means virtually any proposed interpretation of any prophecy in the Revelation can easily be proven or disproven by the advanced spherical geometry that Jesus has woven into it.  Therefore, there are very, very few interpretations in this commentary on the Revelation that cannot be conclusively proven.

Excerpt from the end (last page):

2018 in Bible Prophecy

As I always do, I must add my standard qualifier here but with three words added this time:
These predictions are based on the Bible and thus cannot fail to come true --
But I may be ahead of God’s (and/or Trump’s) timetable by a year or two.
1.  The first of the last plagues -- skin cancer -- will begin to abet
But the others --especially global warming -- will continue for a while yet.
 2. Trump together with some NATO nations and Russia, et al, will take out Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi—
The demon-possessed king in Raqqa (or wherever he is trying to hide from Trump & company).
3. Trump & company will also take out Kim Jong-Un, the evil little whore in Pyongyang.
(See commentary on Revelation 17 for more on little whores of the atheist kind).
4. Trump will no doubt also have to take out the evil Ayatollah Khamenei, the de facto king in Tehran,
Because it is very accurately pointed to and bisected by the Jerusalem-Euphrates direction
5. Trump will also have to take out Mawlawi Haibatah Akhundzada, the evil king of the Taliban in Afghanistan.
He has already taken out many fighters there with one drop of the exceedingly great “Mother Of All Bombs” which gives Trump the upper hand. 
 6. The Good News is, that’s it. When all of Satan’s forces are killed off (as we are commanded to do in Luke 19:27),
The long-awaited “Heaven on Earth” will commence, and the 24 Christian nations in NATO will rule the Earth unhindered by Satan for a millennium. 

   Your kingdom come, your will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven, amen. 

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