The Revelation: A Historicist View

The Revelation: A Historicist View

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For hundreds of years, many hundreds of futurists have made many hundreds of predictions based on the Revelation, and very very rarely has one of them come true. I aim to change all that with this book which is based on the Historicist view. I show that 90 % of it has already come true in the 1900 years since Jesus revealed the future to John, and I predict the dates for when the rest of it will come to pass.

I have been making annual predictions based on the Revelation for 25 years now and they have always come true. Contains my latest annual predictions (for 2017).

98 pages, softcover B&W edition, published by the Westbow Press, a division of Thomas Nelson 

Excerpt from the end (last page):

2017 in Bible prophecy
(copyrighted December 31, 2016)
I have been making predictions for 25 years now and they always come true 
Though I will admit I am sometimes ahead of God’s timetable by a year or two
And I typically add something like the end is near
This year I’m saying the end is here!
1.The EU will disband, and also the UN and some of NATO
And a new world order will spring up out of the ashes
And then the Church will rule the Earth for Jesus
For a glorious thousand years or so.
2. The seven golden lampstands of the Church will unite again
In the restoration of all things,
And the Church will once again be able to roar like a lion
And rid the Earth of evil things.
3. The plagues of red tides, toxic fresh water, global warming, and new diseases
Will probably continue for a while until the wrath of God eases,
But the plagues of skin cancer and the Zika virus will begin to be abated 
When the last NAZI, and the Aedes from Hades, are eradicated.
4. It may be several months before the final battle between good and evil relents,
So I suggest stocking up on can goods, distilled water, mosquito spray and bullets.
5. The Good News is, the first resurrection of a “beheaded martyr”* is performed by Medics,
And Trump and other “politically incorrect” Christians will rule the Earth’s politics.
Plus someone born this year will live to a thousand with the advances in geriatrics!
*or brain-dead martyr

  2018 in Bible Prophecy

As I always do, I must add my standard qualifier here but with three words added this time:

These predictions are based on the Bible, and thus cannot fail to come true—
But I may be ahead of God’s (and/or Trump’s) timetable by a year or two.
1.     The first of the last plagues – skin cancer – will begin to abet
But the others – like global warming – will continue for a while yet
2.     Trump together with some NATO nations and Russia, et al, will take out Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi—
The demon-possessed king in Raqqa (or wherever he is trying to hide from Trump & company).
3.     Trump & company will also take out Kim Jong-Un, the evil little whore in Pyongyang.
(See commentary on Revelation 17 for more on little whores of the atheist kind).
4.     Trump will no doubt also have to take out the evil Ayatollah Khomeini, the de facto king in Tehran,
Because Tehran is very accurately pointed to and bisected by the Jerusalem-to-the-dry-Euphrates direction.
5.     Trump will also have to take out Mawlawi Haibatah Akhundzada, the evil king of the Taliban in Afghanistan.
He has already taken out many of them with one drop of the exceedingly great “Mother Of All Bombs” which gives Trump the upper hand.
6.     The Good News is, that’s it. When all of Satan’s forces are killed off (as we are commanded to do in Luke 19:27),
The long-awaited “Heaven on Earth” will commence, and the 24 Christian nations in NATO will rule the Earth unhindered by Satan for a millennium.

 Your kingdom come, your will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven, Amen!

 Barry Midyet

An excerpt from the beginning (the commentary on chapters. 1-3) can be seen at